BUXTON to TIDESWELL - Derbyshire

WALK A - 10 miles, ascent of 1650ft. WALK B - 8 miles, ascent of 1150ft.

Both walks follow the same route out of Buxton until they reach the Monksdale House.

From the car park we walk through the district of Fairfield to Townend Farm. We pass through the extensive basalt and limestone quarries of Tunstead, across the railway to the hamlet of Tunstead. The route passes Wind Low to Hargatewell to the dale head that separates Hay Dale and Peer Dale. We walk along Peter Dale to the head of Monk's Dale. Here we follow the Limestone Way as it ascends to Monksdale House and then along the top of Monk's Dale. Shortly after the B Walk cuts across farmland to the village of Tideswell.

The A Walk continues along the Limestone Way to the top of Millers Dale before heading northwards passing Meadow Farm to finish in Tideswell.

WALK C - 5 miles

We don't have a leader for this walk. If there are less than 3 people wanting to do a C Walk, we will ask them to explore the area by themselves. If they are more than 3 then a led walk will take place.