MOW COP CASTLE on the skyline

STAFFORDSHIRE - Staffordshire Moorland Walk

WALK A - 10.5 miles, overall ascent 1420ft. WALK B - 7.5 miles, overall ascent 750ft.

Both walks follow the same route until we reach Spring Wood (4.5 miles into the walk). From the edge of town, at Knypersley, we pick up the Staffordshire Moorlands Walk as it takes us down to Greenway Bank Country Park passing Knypersley Hall and Mill Hayes on the way. Over to the west, on the sky line, is Mow Cop Castle, this iconic castle is visible throughout the walk. We walk along the banks of Knypersley reservoir until we reach the Warder's Lodge, a gamekeeper's cottage in the form of a miniature castle, which stands on a promontory above a serpentine lake. We leave the reservoir and make our ascent to Knypersley Park farm and then below Wicken Stones to Robin Hill. Here look out for faces carved into the local cottage wall. Shortly after we walk along Gun Battery Lane with its large wooden carving near Green Acres cottage. You get a clear view of the Jodrell Bank telescope, before descending down to Spring Wood.

The A WALK continues along the Staffordshire Moorlands Way to Biddulph Park and then turns westerly to Poolfold and up onto Congleton Edge. A short sharp ascent to Nick i' th' Hill and then along the Gritstone Trail to Pot Bank and the view point at Cheshire's Close. Here our descent starts down towards Biddulph we reach a disused railway track a follow it for a few hundred metres then turn down into the town centre.

The B WALK enters Spring Wood, into Biddulph Grange country park, and takes the woodland path along by the side of a stream through the grounds to the visitor centre. We leave the country park and follow the road to St Lawrence's Church (pre-Norman) to take a footpath onto the disused railway track. We follow the track for about 1 mile before turning down into Biddulph's town centre.

WALK C - approx. 5 miles

We don't have a leader for this walk. If there are less than 3 people wanting to do a C Walk, we will ask them to explore the area by themselves. If they are more than 3 then a led walk will take place.