The GM Ringway needs volunteers to help look after the route. They are looking for 20 Stage Guardians. They already have people to cover 12 out of the 20 stages but still need people to cover the others. There can be one or two for each stage. I attach the role description here.

Some of those who have already volunteered are Ramblers members and two from Tameside, Stewart Ramsden and Ed Stacey, were the first to be appointed. They have had much media coverage which helps raise the GM Ringway profile among the public. You can read more about this in the latest GM Ringway newsletter, or if your interested in being a stage guardian, please email info@gmringway.org.

Do you love walking in the beautiful countryside around Bolton?
Do you have a favourite route that you want to share with other walkers?

If so, this is your chance to be part of a special project! Bolton Ramblers are creating a booklet of local walks, and they are looking for contributions.The intention is to publish the booklet for sale towards the end of 2024 with proceeds going to The Ramblers.

To be part of this project you will need to provide details of your favourite walk, why you enjoy it, and list any points of interest along the way. Help on how to format your favourite walk will be provided. We are particularly interested in walks that you may not find in the usual guide books. You will be acknowledged as a contributor with your name included as part of your walk information. This is a great opportunity to showcase your passion for walking and inspire others to explore the area.

If you are interested, please contact Bolton Ramblers F.A.O. Tony Hough at boltonramblers@hotmail.co.uk


Over the years this path has become dangerously eroded with parts collasped into the stream that runs beside it. We approached Bolton Council to have it restored but they say there is insufficient funds for the work to be carried out. The Bolton Ramblers Group does not the money to do this work. However, we have approached Manchester Ramblers and Peak and Northern Footpath Society and they have both indicated their willingness to share the funding of this project. Costings are now being carried out and hopefully the work can be done within the next 12 months.